Guidelines for issuance of certified copies by Trademark Registry notified by High Court

The Delhi High Court has recently issued directions to Registrar of Trademarks for maintenance of trademark records and issuance of their certified copies.

Brief directions issued are as follows:

  • Nomination of Nodal Officer in each branch and provide details his / her details;
  • Provide online facility to request for certified copy if not available;
  • Disclose on official website status of application for certified copies, deficiency in such request and / or expected date of issuance;
  • In the interim, intimate Applicants for certified copy about deficiency via email, SMS and other modes of communication;
  • Issue certified copy within 1 month from filing of request for the same;
  • Identify if certified copy has been prepared from original or copy of a document;
  • Endorse “original seen and returned” on copied of record, where originals are returned;
  • Ensure certified copies are legible and reflect color of trade mark, if applicable;
  • If the documents of which certified copies is sought have been lost or misplaced, intimate the same to the applicant within one month as aforesaid of the application for certified copy having been made.

The present guidelines should assist in streamlining of process at the Registry and avoid delays is issuance of certified copies of official records.

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