Paving the Way for VOLVO’s Journey of Prevention

In an order seen as reinforcing brand owners’ faith in the trademark protection afforded by India’s courts for trademarks, foreign automaker Volvo suspended the defendant from using the VOLVO trademark online.

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Court Finds No ‘Magic’ in Noodle War

The Madras High Court recently denied a plaintiff monopoly rights over the expression “Magic Masala,” reinforcing the notion that exclusivity cannot be claimed over words which are common to the trade. It also highlighted the importance of choosing brands and marks wisely before promoting them since non-distinctive and inherently weak marks are difficult to enforce against use by others.

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Dettol Halts Sale of Infringing COVID-19 Product

A recent case in the Delhi High Court provided another good example of how the COVID-19 pandemic is creating new challenges for brand owners, highlighting the importance of safeguarding brands against infringement. Continue reading “Dettol Halts Sale of Infringing COVID-19 Product”

‘Formerly Known As’ Does Not Bypass Infringement

A recent case in India set an interesting example for brand owners looking to change their trade names in view of risk of potential trademark infringement and also highlighted prompt action by Indian courts in injunction matters. Continue reading “‘Formerly Known As’ Does Not Bypass Infringement”

Khadi Takes Measures to Protect Its Trademark Globally

“Khadi” is a generally known expression for hand-spun and hand-woven Indian fabric. It holds historic significance for its role in India’s freedom struggle. Over the years, it has become a symbol of Indian textile heritage and has evolved in fashion. Continue reading “Khadi Takes Measures to Protect Its Trademark Globally”