Post carefully – Delhi High Court acknowledges copyright in Photos on Facebook

In a recent matter, the Delhi High Court has in a suit for permanent injunction filed by Plaintiff, Fairmount Hotels Pvt. Ltd., against Defendant, one Mr. Bhupendra Singh, recognized copyright in the photographs uploaded on Facebook.

In the present matter, the Defendant, an ex-employee of the Plaintiff, had after leaving the Plaintiff opened his own hotel and posted photographs of the Plaintiff’s hotel on his Facebook page as if they were that of his own hotel. Thereafter, in 2015 an ex-parte ad interim order was passed in favour of the Plaintiff and the Defendant had removed the said photographs from his Facebook page. In a recent hearing held, the Defendant further took an undertaking that Plaintiff’s photographs shall not be re-posted on his Facebook page.

The Delhi High Court recognizing the infringement of Plaintiff’s copyright over the said photographs and while disposing the present suit directed the Defendant to pay costs of Rs 50,000/- to the Plaintiff. 


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