Extension of IP Deadlines in India and continuity of work in view of spread of COVID-19 – Updates with regard to 2nd lockdown

In continuance with their efforts to curb spread of COVID-19, Government of India has further extended nationwide lockdown in India till 03 May 2020. The lockdown will continue to halt most of the activities including legal activities [but IP e-filing portals are presently active] and transportation of non-essential goods [like courier services of documentations].

However, depending on regional circumstances, government may permit resumption of few additional essential services starting from 20 April 2020.

In the meantime, office of CGPDTM, has notified extension of relaxation notified in public notice dated 25 March 2020 for period from 15 April 2020 to 03 May 2020. All the hearings scheduled up to 03 May 2020 also stand adjourned with fresh hearing dates to be notified thereafter.

Relaxations given under notice dated 25 March 2020 are re-produced below:

The due dates / timelines / periods prescribed under different IP Acts and Rules administered by the O/o CGPDTM with respect to completion of various acts/activities, filing of any reply/document, payment of fees, etc. regarding any IP applications filed with the offices under the administrative control of the O/o CGPDTM shall be the date on which the offices will re-open.

Relying on our IT systems, we are continuing to work and extend our services and continue to be available to assist our friends and colleagues during these uncertain times.

Be safe and take care!

Disclaimer: Present post is merely an update which cannot be quoted in any legal proceedings and will have no legal purpose. For any clarification and further information, you may contact us at mehta@mehtaip.com.